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A little About Me. I have been married to my Awesome Wife Fiona for 14 years. I met Fiona when I was her Agent, and represented her as a Home Buyer. We have a combined family of 5 Sons. When I met Fiona, she was a Single Mom of 2 Sons, and I was a Single Dad of 1 Son. We had Fraternal Twin Sons together that are now 13 years old and in the 7th Grade. Our older Boys are 25, 23, and 17 years old.

After graduating high school in 1984 I built homes in the Phoenix Metro area until 1989 when the Construction Market died here in Phoenix. Originally, I wanted to be a Fighter Pilot in the Air Force for 8 years and then fly commercially. Needing corrective lenses at the age of 13, put an end to that for me. In 1989 I relocated to the Bay Area in California to follow the work.

In about March of 1994, I got my California Real Estate License to become a loan officer. Shortly after starting to figure out what I was doing, there was a spike to interest rates. This killed my tiny refinance pipeline that I had originated. I decided to move back home to Phoenix and get re-established here. I built custom homes here in The Valley for another year and a half until getting back into mortgage lending at the end of 1995 and finally retiring my construction tools.

In 1998 I was the top originator at the mortgage company. All purchase money, and no refi's. I had to really hustle to build my RealtorĀ® Based Pipeline. In 1999 I became Arizona Real Estate Licensed when my ex-wife was pregnant with my now 17 year old Son. She was a RE Agent, and me getting licensed, allowed me to take her workload later in her pregnancy, in her most uncomfortable months.

After doing both Mortgage Lending and Real Estate for over a year, I decided to go full time into Real Estate. As a loan officer, I had several Agents that called me every 15 minutes through-out the day. These non-stop calls helped motivate me to make my decision to go full time into Real Estate.

I also felt like Agents were, 1-up on the food-chain. I was reading multiple sales contracts that came across my desk monthly, and I felt like this was something that I could do. I was working on a 1-2% margin, the house was getting 40% and because I was W-2'd I had less write-offs. As an Agent, I went to a 100% shop and I made 3% on almost every deal. My income tripled my first year in Real Estate.

With the pipeline I was running as a Loan Officer, I was always working, stressed-out at the end of the month, and getting burnt-out.

In 2001 - 2003 I was fortunate enough to be in the top 1% of the Agents in the company out of 1500. In the latter third of 2004, I became a Broker and Fiona and I started our own Brokerage. I still remember my old Broker saying "Rick, are you sure you want to leave? Sometimes becoming The Broker means becoming Broke-r".

Sure enough, after dumping all of our reserves into the new company, the new building - opened in 2/2005, new computers, new copiers, and etc., the market started to soften in October of 2005. During this time, I was in Broker Mode working on office manuals, recruiting, and training. I was not out selling, and in hind-sight, I should have kept bringing in those full 3% commission checks. Ultimately, we closed our doors in September of 2006. Talk about a dream crusher! I was bummed.

After this, I moved my license back over to the previous company and did some short-sale and REO work. During this time the Banks were constantly loosing paperwork and dragging their feet. It was frustrating to say the least. During this time, I also had multiple Past Clients that wanted to List or they faced a foreclosure.

Shortly after this, I started doing foreclosure rescue. I did this for several years helping out homeowners, mostly, that were unable to pay. This was my calling at the time, and what I felt like I needed to do to help The People. During this time, the Banks and their Attorney's were ruthless! The Lenders and the Attorneys is a whole other subject matter. One, to this day, that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

After doing foreclosure rescue, I re-hung my license. I was still upset with the Lenders and I had a hard time snapping out of it. I did make some sales but not like in my hay-day. During this time, my focus was on online marketing. My wife Fiona also has a bad back and I wanted to be more home-based, in case she needed help.

Now with a complete Webmaster skill-set, a Real Estate, and Mortgage background I've decided to focus on my Niche, which is you, the RealtorĀ®. I literally have thousands of hours invested into marketing and online lead generation. Building websites from my home office is what I love to do. It also allows me to be here for my Wife, while also allowing me to spend more time with our Kids!

If you want a down-to-earth people person, I'm your guy! I completely understand your challenges, and I listen.

Thank you & God Bless!


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